Good day great minds. I’m pleased to introduce to you a tool that is meant to help beginners get started in coding and professionals do amazing live coding presentations in PHP, JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3.

SO why PHPConsole?

PHPConsole was birthed from the fact that i have had several guys from my community who wants to learn or get started in programming and especially PHP programming language but often times, couldn’t because of these

  1. Don’t know what to start with
  2. Don’t know how to preview my codes easily
  3. Xampp or Wamp failed to work

Secondly, i needed a tool i could easily use for my presentations or masterclasses in PHP especially Laravel.

I sat down one day and felt i should help provide a solution to their problem and see how other developers can also help contribute to the project so that together, we can help give final solutions to the aforementioned problems.

PHPConsole tries to provide three things for beginners and pros to use.


The editor has all you need to write your codes if you are just getting started in programming or doing a presentation. It’s enriched with several themes which you can choose from.

The editor has powerful linting for PHP and JS as well as nice auto-completion.

With the editor, you can write HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and Blade codes without any additional configurations.


The app has a local web server that will enable you run any PHP and Laravel codes.


The app also has an headless browser for you to see a preview of your codes. Errors are often shown in red with few explanations.

Note: This project is just at version 0.0.11 as at the time of writing this.

PHPConsole and live coding presentations

One of the objectives of PHPConsole is to make your live coding presentations awesome in the supported languages. Personally, I’ve used the app several times to deliver nice live coding presentations and hope you will give it a try.

PHPConsole and Master Classes

Imaging you are taking a master class for PHP or Laravel and would love to move faster with your learners. The sweetest tool to use would certainly be this app. Why? Because, it has full support for PHP and Laravel. What about Javascript? It supports that too. Don’t forget jQuery and VueJS are also fully supported.

So, what language was used to develop this app?

PHP. Yes, i used phpdesktop to develop this app and it works smooth and fine.

Is this app cross-platform?

No. For now, the app works only on Windows OS. This is why your contributions are needed to scale it. Plans to make it available on the web are underway. I will write about that when it’s ready.

Where can i download the app?

The installer for this app is hosted on GitHub. Find it here.

How can i contribute to this project?

By forking and sending a pull request or using the issue tab on github to stress what you think is missing or seems to be a bug. You may also reach me on Twitter.

Final words.

I want to say thank you in advance for making life better for others. Thank you for contributing to this project. I will be glad if this could help you in any little way.

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